For family, therapy & breeding purpose.

We are the first Australian Cobberdog breeder in Belgium, recognised by the MDBA. We chose the prefix 'My Dog', which this basically means the same as my friend, my companion, my soulmate,... 'My Dog' says it all.

Not many things in live are as precious and valuable as a dog. To explain it's worth, humans often compare their dog with a  close friend, family or even their child. Although they can't speak, dogs play a major role in people's social live and some  communicate even more with their dog(s) than with other people. Dogs are loyal friends, who love and follow us unconditionally.   They are empathic and provide  physical proximity and emotional support in times of need. Some dogs even help  people with practical chores. We can depend on our dog and our dog depends on us. One of the most beautiful relationships in the world, is the relationship between a dog and it's owner.

Having that said, you understand how important we think it is, that every puppy  finds that perfect home, with a loving  family.


Our policy is to keep things simple and clear. If you think about engaging in a 'My Dog' Cobberdog puppy, the following steps will get you there. Please notice that our main goal is to match every puppy with the most suitable owner, and to provide each family with the puppy they want and need. If we think that a certain combination is not ideal for you or if we doubt about a certain litter/puppy meeting your expectations (f.e. in type of coat, size,...), we will always bring this to discussion and offer options. We want every new combination (puppy/owner) to succeed!     

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We have a seperate waiting list for therapy prospects.

If you are looking for a Cobberdog to work with, please send us an e-mail: info@cobberdog.be.

We only sell pet puppies within Belgium!

Inquire and mention your expectations!


We help you to select a puppy out of the litter that can meet your expectations. Matching character, activity level, temperament and drive. We also try to provide your favourite gender and colour, and if possible your 'love at first sight' puppy. We believe that you can't choose your puppy on picture, so we'd like you to meet the litter. We'll take our time to introduce you to all the puppy's and to search the perfect two-way match.


In our quest for the right male partner, we stick (again) to the 3 C's: character, coat type and constitution. Our aim is to breed working Cobberdogs, servicedogs. Our breeding stock is selected on qualities that distinguish servicedogs from perfect pet dogs. Still, only a few puppies of each litter have what it takes to become that pefect therapy, guidance or assistance dog. If you're interesed in a pre-selected and tested puppy, please make your reservation.


It's important that the Australian Cobberdog keeps developing as a breed. That's why we put effort into the selection of future breeding stock. We think it's important to protect and use all the Cobberdog bloodlines available. When I see excellent, valuable - almost precious - Australian Cobberdogs getting spayed, predestinated when sold to a non-breeder, that's a shame and a big loss for a breed in development. For that reason, we try to keep at least one male and one female per litter available for breeding. Our early selection procedure is based on the 3 C's: character, coat type and constitution. We carefully compare every puppy with the breeding standard and only the best are taken into consideration as breeding stock. They are fully (pre-)tested before the age of 8 weeks and reserved for (future) Australian Cobberdog breeders only.


For some of our breeding prospects, we appeal to host families as 'treasure keepers'. Our hosts families are (semi-)professionals with above average experience in puppy upbringing and education. They provide our puppies with the best care and guidance. They get socialised, obedience trained and prepared for the work as therapy or assistance dog. If they proof to be suitable for the job, they get their last check-ups before breeding a litter. Afterwards, they get adopted for life by their host family or they can be placed as a therapy or assistance dog.

Are you highly committed and able to love, educate and train one of our Cobberdog puppies? Is it your dream to own, and work with, a therapy or emotional support dog? Would you be happy to enjoy our guidance in this process and do you live close enough to make it to our training sessions, every two weeks? Would you love to get the most talented puppy of the litter, without the financial side of it's purchase?  Are you OK with the fact that there's a large chance your puppy will be favorited as a breeder one day, for a short period of time? Did you turn this website upside down and inside out? Did you loose your heart to the Cobberdog and do you think we would get along fine?   Then I guess we must meet and help each other out!