My Dog F...


My Dog Alice in Wonderland & Rutlands Dressed to Parti, born 08.11.19.

The first litter of My Dog Alice in Wonderland, a girl we bred ourselves! Rosie is a gem, with looks to die for. She has a close to perfect conformation, a beautiful head with true Cobberdog expression and lots of personality. Rosie is a dog that likes to work, super smart and with quite some energy on the training field. As a real Cobberdog, the switch goes off once inside. She loves everything that is soft and cosy; nicknamed princess Rosie. Rosie is ... a bit of everything. A dog with many layers and lots of qualities, which I start to appreciate more and more. Rosie is the type of dog that grows on you. 

Rosie's first (and only) litter is sired by Moo, who does not need an introduction. There is no dog with a bigger heart than Moo. They can impossibly be more loyal, more cuddly and more soulful. Moo gives himself completely and fills you up. Everyone who had the honour of living with him, knows exactly what I mean (and is fighting tears now).

I expect the puppies of Rosie and Moo to have human like personalities, distinguished and layered. Dogs that will change your life and leave an everlasting impression. I hope their families are ready for a whole lotta dog.

The puppies of this litter will be medium in size.

Coats will be Curly to Straight fleece, in shades of Brown and Caramel.