My Dog Kate's Kanga


In our quest for the perfect therapy dog, we discovered this magnificent new breed: the Australian Cobberdog.

They are literally made to serve and their unique features differentiate them from all other dogbreeds.   

Breeding and training active therapy and/or emotional support dogs, is our biggest aim.

Fifth Avenue Red Kangaroo

Meet our new mini stud!


I'm an MDBA registered breeder, so all our puppy's are officially recognised as pure bred Australian Cobberdogs.

Our prefix - My Dog - stands for top notch therapy and family dogs, selected on character, conformation and coat type.

And of course we'll tell you everything about the Cobberdog's so-called X-factor.


Social, intuitive, soft and gentle,

with a unique will to please.

Coat type

Soft, wavy fleece, hypoallergenic,

odour free and non shedding.


Healthy, sound and proud,

with a form to function.

X factor

A true Cobberdog looks right into your soul and moves like an angel.

Australian Cobberdog breeders

and where to find them.

The Australian Cobberdog is a new breed in development, with a growing number of breeders.

Since we believe it is most important for breeders to work together, to communicate and to talk over each other's breeding programs, we have a growing number of close colleagues and dear friends in breeding.  

Our network is yours, since we cooperate to match aspiring owners to their ideal breeder/puppy.

If we think one of our partners is in a better position to help you, we will bring you in touch!


Selectively bred on health, trainability, will to please and temperament.

With a particular social, intuïtive and loving character, wrapped in an extremely soft, cuddly, hypo-allergenic coat. What more can you ask?

Liesbeth Roelants


We happily take time to answer your questions about the Australian Cobberdog and how they would fit in your life as a therapy or family dog. Please leave your message here and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Normally you'll receive an answer within 3 days!