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Dog's Paradise Poppet & Raisdoodles Pieter, born 14.05.2019.

We are very excited about the litter of Poppet, a pure Australian Labradoodle. When we first met Poppet, Bea (Diamond Dogs) and I were impressed about the soft and cuddly nature of this girl. She made persistent eye contact and really spoke to us. Gently placing herself in our circle, as a plead for physical contact and attention. Poppet just overflows with love and affection! She is extremely mellow, sensitive and human focused. Apart of her exquisite character, Poppet has OFA Excellent hips and tests squeacky clean on DNA, elbows, patella's, eyes,... too. Poppet is build strong as an ox and she has superb social skills, which make her the best mother. We could really use a dog like Poppet in our breeding program, so she's the beginning of a new ACD line. Her litter is sired by Raisdoodles Pieter, a medium size red ALD, out of proven lines. We expect superb puppies, in nature and appearance. Fingers crossed...

The puppies of this litter will be medium in size.

Coats will be everything from Curly to Straight fleece, in the colours  Black, Red, Caramel, CafĂ©, Parchment,...

Note for breeders: since this is a new line we are setting up, together with Diamond Dogs Australian Cobberdogs (NL), no breeding prospects will be sold out of this litter.


Belgian Australian Cobberdog Breeder.

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