My Dog C...


Paris Arwen & Rutlands Dressed to Parti, born 24.01.2019.

Everybody who knows Fee and Moo, understands that this is a very exciting combination!  Fee is qualified as a therapy dog and Moo has the sweetest, softest and most sensitive disposition. The little love bugs that this combination will produce, should also be very loyal and   trainable. Both Fee and Moo have an excellent will-to-please and they are very smart. As they are extremely focused on their people, they are a delight to work with. Always happy and upbeat, with big smiles on their face! On the other hand, they can be lazy and sleep all day, when there is no reason to get up; as if they have an on/off switch.  Moo carries the IC-gene, which works a bit like a coat  enhancer. In combination with Fee's Straight Fleece coat, the outcome can be quite surprising. Some puppies out of this litter will have an almost straight, very light and silky coat, while others will be more like their father;  with a  goofy wave.

The puppies of this litter will be  medium  in size.

Coats will be Wavy to Straight fleece, in the colour  Chocolate and all shades of Caramel, possibly with white markings.

Note for breeders: all puppies will carry the Parti gene and they will be tested on carrying the IC gene or not (50% chance).