My Dog B...


Paris Maléfique & Rutlands Dressed to Parti, born 07.11.2018.

Belle's 2nd litter is sired by Moo, Rutlands Dressed to Parti! Belle and Moo like each other A LOT and they make such a nice couple. Both dogs are easygoing, very calm and relax. You don't even notice having them around. They blend in  with the surroundings!

Belle is a solid and rather heavy boned girl, which makes her an excellent mother. She can carry and raise a big litter without any help. Moo on the other hand, has this perfect form to function and he's build like a real athlete. Long and straight legs, perfect angles,... His tail- and earset are impeccable. Moo carries the IC-gene, which works a bit like a coat  enhancer. In combination with Belle's rather dense  Wavy Fleece coat, the outcome can't be  disappointing. So Belle and Moo...  a match made in heaven!

The puppies of this litter will be  medium  in size.

Coats will be Curly to Straight fleece, in the colour Raven Black, Chocolate, Café, Apricot, Red and all shades of Caramel.

Note for breeders: all puppies will carry the Parti gene and they will be tested on carrying the IC gene or not (50% chance).


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a.k.a. Marley - THERAPY PROSPECT            a.k.a. Mimie - BREEDING PROSPECT    a.k.a. Kamiel - BREEDING PROSPECT


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                                  a.k.a. Brownie                                                      a.k.a. Blinkie                                                 a.k.a. Bo - THERAPY PROSPECT