My Dog A...


Paris Maléfique & Raisdoodles My Teddy, born 18.04.2018.

Nature has a mind of it's own, so we decided last-minute to change Belle's stud. Raisdoodles My Teddy, a.k.a. Joep, is not 'second choice' at all! He's an extremely healthy and strong 'little' guy, with  beautiful green eyes. From the moment I saw him, I knew he was 'the one', and Belle happily agreed! Joep is one of Diamond Dogs' studs, owned by Bea and Frits Caniels. He has a light caramel wavy fleece coat, with Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier influence. Joep is a happy chap, attentive and smart. He's tested and approved as Topdog sova co-trainer, which means that Joep helps children to work on their social skills, like f.e. assertiveness. Joep is the kind of dog that everybody wants; large in his simplicity.       I'm thrilled about this combination, as Belle and Joep are Yin and Yang.   I believe they can make magic together!

The puppies of this litter will be  medium  in size.

Coats will be Curly to Wavy fleece, in the colour Raven Black, Chocolate, Chalk, Cream, Apricot, Red and all shades of Caramel.