Trimming a Cobberdog


Fee's first haircut, Cobberdog style - step by step

Not so many Cobberdog owners are familiar with the 'Cobberdog-cut', which is not the same as the Labradoodle's. With this specific way of trimming, we highlight the Cobberdog's magnificent  build and we keep the fleece coat long and majestic. All the areas that need to be shorter for f.e. sanitary reasons, are shaved though. We guide you through it.

When they are around 6 to 8 months old, Cobberdogs need their first official haircut. Before, they already need to learn how to stand on the grooming table, clipping of the nails and cutting hair from between the toes, their eyes have to be kept clear and the ears should be checked regularly.  If you have a clipper yourself, make your puppy get used to the sound. Brush them on the grooming table and touch all their bodyparts, lift up their paws one by one, etc.

The first time they get a complete body trim, they are on the table for several hours. So it's better for everyone if the dog is relaxed and not worried.


Good quality material and the right tools, make half the work.

With a cheap clipper or scissors in bad shape, both you and your dog will get frustrated.

Do you bring your dog to a professional groomer? Inform him/her about the Cobberdog-cut! 


Andis Ultraedge (detachable blade)

with a number 10 blade (1,5mm).

Straight scissors

For the paws, muzzle, ears,...

and to correct after shaving.

Thinning scissors

To thin the coat and to finish without straight cut lines; around the eyes.


Make sure your dog is washed and brushed out. Comb during trimming.