Sizes and colours


An oversight of the recognised coat colours

The Australian Cobberdog carries a rainbow of colours. There are at least 3 genes responsible for the colour of a Cobberdog. Depending of the B, E and D loci in his genetic colour profile, he'll have a certain colour and/or carries colour(s) to pass to his offspring. But those 3 letters don't say everything, because two dogs with the same colour profile, can look completely different and dogs with a different colour profile, can look the same. On top of that, every breed chooses it's own name for a certain colour. Apricot (Poodle), Yellow (Labrador Retriever) and Ruby (English Cocker Spaniel) refer to the same tint. Breeders of the Labradoodle, often use different terms for the same colour. Confusing! As the Cobberdog is constituted of different breeds and multiple colours, it's not a surprise that there are so many colourtones in this new dogbreed.

SOLID = one even colour (Raven, Red, Chalk, Blue, Chocolate, Lavender, Caramel Warm and Ice)

SHADED = different shades of the same colour (Cream, Apricot, Silver, Black, Café, Parchment, Caramel Cream

WHEATERING = discolouration or bleaching of the coat, because of sun, wind and rain zon, in solid and shaded coats

CARAMEL = dilute variants of Red, Cream and Chalk, with greenish 'ghost' eyes and liver pigment


One breed, three sizes and a rainbow of colours

The Australian Cobberdog is the result of years of well-considered crossings and so called infusions of at least 3 to 7 different breeds, Depending on the size of the Poodle used in a particular bloodline, bigger or smaller Doodles will be bred. The infusions of the other breeds, have suble influences on character, colour en (coat)type of the Australian Labradoodle.   The Australian Cobberdog is getting more uniform, certainly in comparison with the Labradoodle, but it stays interesting to know more about the ancestors of your Cobber and how he's genetically  composed. We breed medium to standard Cobberdogs, as it's a suitable size for a therapy or assistance dog. We believe in the qualities of the standard poodle and the Labrador Retriever, which are most represented in the bigger Cobberdogs. It's the size with which it at started and - for us - the standard to work to.