Coat and maintenance


Hypo-allergenic, non shedding and odour free

Ideally, the Australian Cobberdog has a Wavy/Loose Fleece coat, hypoallergenic and easy in maintenance. They don't shed and don't have an undercoat. They don't have that typical 'wet dog smell'. By brushing them at least once a week, you can prevent the hair from tangling and felting. Mud and dirt dry out and fall of the coat like that. The Australian Cobberdog can also have a Curly Fleece or a Wool coat, that resembles the coat of a Poodle. Although they are pretty and have their advantages, the Wavy Fleece coat is such a distinctive feature of the Australian Cobberdog, that it is important for breeders to select on this mark. When you see a Cobberdog with a natural, Wavy Fleece coat, you just HAVE to pet him... and you're unable to stop!

Note: Cobberdogs with the infusion of the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, have a 'new generation' Wavy Fleece coat: super soft, thin and low-care!


At least once a week you have to schedule a half an hour grooming session for your Cobberdog.

It's pure quality time for you and your dog, very relaxing and rewarding. Around the age of 6 to 10 months, your Cobberdog needs his first haircut and the coat needs some extra care, due to hormonal changes. 

Brushing coat

From head to toe, with extra attention

for the most tangle sensitive places.

Cleaning ears

As Cobberdogs have long, flappy ears, they need to be kept fresh and clean.

Clipping nails

By clipping or filing the nails regularly, they stay short and healthy.

Trimming ?

Learn how to keep the eyes, ears, toes and sanitary area tidy yourself!


This is how we do it, based on our experience and our personal liking.

This is not the one and only right way to do it; adjust the level of care to your own Cobber!

The Activet brush is the perfect tool for  grooming your Cobberdog. The green one is perfect for a puppy's coat; the stronger red/purple one when they are about 6 months old and used to be brushed. If your Cobber goes to a professional trimmer every 3 months, an Activet brush is all you need for coat maintenance.   

Check your Cobber's nails and feet every week.  Keep the hair between the toes and around the pads short. If your dog walks on the street or other hard, concrete surface regularly,  his nails tend to abrade naturally. If not, they need to be filed  or cut every now and than. By cutting or filing on a regular base, you avoid bleeding   at the trimmer's.

We're working on the  improvement of the ears in the Australian Cobberdog. They need some care, to avoid infections caused by warmth and humidity. Your trimmer will pluck the ears, if necessary, and    clean them. You can also clean your dogs ears yourself, by  following the instructions on the image above. It's not that difficult!