Pick-up and what's included

In week 8, our puppies are ready to leave to their forever homes. They are weaned and feel very strong and independent. The world is their playground and they discover everything with wide open minds.


For those looking forward to a 'My Dog' puppy!

At the age of 8 weeks, your puppy is ready for the biggest alteration of his life. Right now, his will to explore is bigger than his reluctance of the unknown. Around 9 weeks, this balance changes in favour of reluctance. That is why we want our puppies to feel safe and sound at their new homes before they reach this turning point.

At the age of 8 weeks, your puppy is

  • weaned and used to different sorts of solid food, like raw meat, steamed meals and cold-pressed kibble
  • fully health checked by a vet (teeth, ears, eyes, heart,...)
  • microchipped and hence officially identifiable
  • dewormed at least 3 times (2, 4 and 6 weeks)
  • vaccinated according to Belgian recommendations
  • used to being crated, alone and apart of his littermates
  • used to being in the car, in a kennel in the back
  • used to his collar and familiar with walking on leash
  • used to pee and poo outside and pre-potty-trained
  • habituated to a wide range of visual, auditory,… stimuli
  • socialised with children, other dogs, cats, rabbits,…
  • character and temperament tested, with full report
  • washed, blow-dried and fully groomed; ready to cuddle


We choose not to let all our puppies leave at the same time, because of two reasons.

  1. For some puppies it can be beneficial to leave a bit earlier or to stay a bit longer. We look at them individually and we communicate with you when the ideal moment is there, and why this is best for your puppy (and/or for you). A brave and people-oriented therapy prospect, might benefit from an early bonding with his new caretaker/trainer. A more quiet puppy that was always a bit on the background, we might want to keep a few days longer when some of his brothers and sisters already left. He can take a different position in the group then and show himself a bit more. They gain lots of confidence every extra day in their safe and well-known environment. 

  1. The pick-up of your new puppy is a big thing and we have quite some things to tell you last-minute. We will update you about your puppy’s last days with us and what his daily structure looks like. We will tell you how he reacted (physically) on his first shots, as some puppies are a bit under the weather few days after. We inform you about how his crate training is going and how far he is with potty training. We show you how to take care of your puppy: brushing, clipping nails, cleaning ears,… We will go through the paperwork that comes with your puppy, together, and we make time for all your questions. When all is said and done, we pack all your puppy’s stuff.


When you pick up your puppy, a bunch of stuff comes with it.

There is the official paperwork:

  • European Passport
  • Contract of sales
  • Full health report

More fun, and also more important in my opinion, is the additional luggage of your puppy:

  • His personal puppytest report
  • A puppy calendar, that comes with our puppyguide
  • Your puppy’s first real collar and leash
  • A selection of food he’s used to (raw, steamed + kibble)
  • Natural treats and goodies
  • Your first puppy brush
  • A selection of premium quality toys
  • Puppybed for your puppy’s crate (familiar smell included)

We also offer you:

  • A free workshop puppy grooming
  • Free socialising classes until the age of 6 months
  • Trimming between the eyes and plucking of the ears, for free, when you come to visit us with your puppy