Cressa Dora means  'golden gift', and that's exactly what this girl is! She is the result of Fee and Moo's first litter. I say first, because this is definately a combination  worth repeating! Our 'golden line' (with Fee as matriarch) is  exciting both coat- and characterwise.  This line will bring us the most wonderful therapy prospects, gorgeous family dogs and promising breeding prospects! Fingers crossed for Colette; that she may follow in her parents footsteps!

My Dog Cressa Dora a.k.a. Colette lives in a very cool guardian home! She  will have her first litter somewhere  in spring 2021. We expect Colette to become a medium sized Cobberdog, around 50 cm in height and 18 kg. The list of qualities we are breeding for in the golden line is  extensive, so our expectations are high. We let this girl grow and develop now... and  will update you soon!

Selected for breeding; why?

Colette seems to combine the best of Fee and Moo, except of the IC gene that she inherited from her father. Colette is athletic, but has enough 'body'. Her headshape, tailset and proportions are all very nice and she has the sweetest personality.   We can't wait to see this girl all grown up!


born as My Dog Cressa Dora

° 24/01/2019

m. Paris Arwen

f. Rutlands Dressed to Parti

Caramel (bbee)

Straight Fleece (N/N)

Improper Coat carrier

DNA clear by parentage


The Australian Cobberdog is a breed in development, which makes it extra important to breed selectively.

Not every puppy is equal in quality and not every breeding prospect develops into a perfect breeding bitch or stud.

We pick our future breeders with care and critically test them against our breeding standards.

Character: .../5


Coat type: .../5

Conformation: .../5

X factor: .../5

Colette's total score: .../20

We will compare Colette to the ACD breeding standard, once fullgrown.

Right now, she looks VERY promising!

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