Belle... As I'm thinking how to discribe this precious girl, my heart gets warm and I immediately feel truly emotional. With her unbelievably sincere and mellow character, she gets me to the core. Belle overwhelms me with love and devotion and she's by far the most special dog I've ever had.

Paris Maléfique is our first Australian Cobberdog, meeting all our expectations! With her Raven black coat, she stood out from the start. Although we planned on getting a Red or Chocolate female, Maléfique made such a big impression, we just had to change our mind. Maléfique aced the puppytest and stole my heart during those 15 minutes. As if shé decided to choose ùs.

Maléfique adapted perfectly in our pack and grew up to be a beautiful Cobber. She meets the breeding standard in every way and she's the perfect example of a true Australian Cobberdog: born to serve, with the versatility and willingness to be everything I'd want her to be!

Retired from breeding

Belle gave us 3 wonderful litters and 3 gorgeous daughters to continue our Black Line.

  1. My Dog Alice in Wonderland (Belle x Joep)
  2. My Dog Babe made by Belle (Belle x Moo)
  3. My Dog Elf paint Pink Black (Belle x Moo)

Therapy & Emotional Support Dog

Belle is a dog with a job. As a clinical psychologist, I work with therapy dogs. Belle is not only there for emotional support; she also works as a co-trainer with kids and families who need to build up their confidence, assertiveness or social skills. The Cobberdog is such a rewarding breed to work with and I feel blessed with a natural talent as Belle. She makes my job so much easier and even more fun to do. When she's not working as a therapy dog, Belle accompanies me wherever I go, as my personal Service Dog. She basically works 24/7, but she thinks she's just lucky to be with me all day. Want to know more about Therapy & Emotional Support Dogs?


born as Paris Maléfique

° 10/09/2016

m. Berkshire Hills Kyra

f. Rufus van 't Morgenland

Raven Black (BbEe)

Wavy Fleece Coat (N/CC)

Improper Coat free (N/N)

DNA clear by parentage


The Australian Cobberdog is a breed in development, which makes it extra important to breed selectively.

Not every puppy is equal in quality and not every breeding prospect develops into a perfect breeding bitch or stud.

We pick our future breeders with care and critically test them against our breeding standards.

Character : 5/5

Belle has an exquisite personality and is a super relaxed low energy dog

Coat type : 3/5

Belle has a correct, rather curly, fleece coat, but we'd like to see it less dense

Conformation : 3/5

Our critical eye catches a few imperfections that we'll try to enhance

X factor : 4/5

Belle, although pitch black, has what it takes to turn anyone into a fan!

Belle's total score : 15/20

As a family dog though, she would score a solid 20/20 (she's truly amazing)

and we'd grant her some extra points for adding a new, strong matrilineair strain to the Cobberdogs' gene pool!

The founders of the Australian Cobberdog, about Belle

 Rutlands, Beverley Manners: "I love this dog. Because you have asked for a critique, i will offer one, but her faults are so minor that i'm being really picky. In these photos a see a beautifully balanced bitch, symmetrical in outline and i imagine she will be a light airy mover who appears to float above the ground with light foot falls (as the breed should be). I would like to see a longer tie-in from throat to pro-sternum (breast bone) which would allow for a slightly more balanced shoulder angulation when compared to hind angulation.

Her topline appears to be level (good) rising slightly over the loins (power) and although in the second photo she is swirling the last 2/3 of her tail higher than her rump, the 'set on' of her tail is low enough and i would not penalise it.

Front legs are almost at the ideal of a perpendicular line drawn from the withers to the ground. Stifle is long and hocks comparatively short (good) She is a bitch who could warm my hearth any time."

Tegans, Mel Wly: "She is a very nice girl. She is not well angulated in front, this restricts balance and movement. Her hind strangulation is lovely but restricted because of her front. I am guessing from the photos she is lovely and straight in movement. Her top line is strong, but her croup is flat, allowing a high set tail. She also has a bad kink in her tail. Her depth of brisket is good, her ribcage is good not barreled, her neck is a little short giving a stuck on look but that could be the way she is groomed. I have seen photos of her face and her eye shape is nice, but her head is narrow. She is a little too long in muzzel. Her coat is a little too thick, but is REALLY nice. A score of 1 to 5 I would give her a 3. She is a very nice bitch strong but feminine. I would love to see her coat properly groomed in a cobberdogs clip and NOT groomed like a LABRADOODLE!! Bred wisely she will produce some excellent puppies."