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We expect Scarlet's first litter around December 2019!

Scarlet, our most special and unique Cobberdog, will have her first litter by the end of the year. We are still looking for the most suitable stud for Scarlet. We'll probably have bigger medium puppies in this litter. No puppies will be sold for breeding. This litter is all spoken for, unless very big. Pedigree names will start with the letter E. Although Scarlet is a flatcoat, her puppies will have a 'normal' Cobberdog coat in appearance.

F-litter is due January 2020 (Fee will be second time mom) and G-litter of My Dog Alice in Wonderland a.k.a. Rosie around spring 2020. This will be the first litter of a 'My Dog' female. The thought that she'll give birth in the same whelping box she's born herself, makes my heart weak. There might be a few vacancies left for a pet puppy, but for now, the waiting list is closed for Rosie's litter too. The litter of Fee will be sired by Moo again and we'll select a few therapy- and breeding prospect puppies.


Breeding and selling dogs is a delicate matter and should only be done with great care, knowledge and dedication.

We are experienced, keep our breeding standards high and are driven by the right motives.

If you might be interested in one of the following combinations, inquire about suitability.



Medium, Wavy/Straight/Curly fleece

° Belgium, December 2019




a.k.a. Robyn

Red, Medium, Flatcoat

° Australia, 01.12.2017


Everybody who knows Fee and Moo, understands that this is a very exciting combination!  Fee is qualified as a therapy dog and Moo has the sweetest, softest and most sensitive disposition. The little love bugs that this combination will produce, should also be very loyal and   trainable. Both Fee and Moo have an excellent will-to-please and they are very smart. As they are extremely focused on their people, they are a delight to work with. Always happy and upbeat, with big smiles on their face! On the other hand, they can be lazy and sleep all day, when there is no reason to get up; as if they have an on/off switch.  Moo carries the IC-gene, which works a bit like a coat  enhancer. In combination with Fee's Straight Fleece coat, the outcome can be quite surprising. Some puppies out of this litter will have an almost straight, very light and silky coat, while others will be more like their father;  with a  goofy wave.

The puppies of this litter will be  medium  in size.

Coats will be Wavy to Straight fleece, in the colour Chocolate and all shades of Caramel, possibly with white markings.

Note for breeders: all puppies will carry the Parti gene and they will be tested on carrying the IC gene or not (50% chance).

Interested in a

Cobberdog puppy?

Inquire and mention your expectations!


We help you to select a puppy out of the litter that can meet your expectations. Matching character, activity level, temperament and drive. We also try to provide your favourite gender and colour, and if possible your 'love at first sight' puppy. We believe that you can't choose your puppy on picture, so we'd like you to meet the litter. We'll take our time to introduce you to all the puppy's and to search the perfect two-way match.


In our quest for the right male partner, we stick (again) to the 3 C's: character, coat type and constitution. Our aim is to breed working Cobberdogs, servicedogs. Our breeding stock is selected on qualities that distinguish servicedogs from perfect pet dogs. Still, only a few puppies of each litter have what it takes to become that pefect therapy, guidance or assistance dog. If you're interesed in a pre-selected and tested puppy, please make your reservation.


It's important that the Australian Cobberdog keeps developing as a breed. That's why we put effort into the selection of future breeding stock. We think it's important to protect and use all the Cobberdog bloodlines available. When I see excellent, valuable - almost precious - Australian Cobberdogs getting spayed, predestinated when sold to a non-breeder, that's a shame and a big loss for a breed in development. For that reason, we try to keep at least one male and one female per litter available for breeding. Our early selection procedure is based on the 3 C's: character, coat type and constitution. We carefully compare every puppy with the breeding standard and only the best are taken into consideration as breeding stock. They are fully (pre-)tested before the age of 8 weeks and reserved for (future) Australian Cobberdog breeders only.


For some of our breeding prospects, we appeal to host families as 'treasure keepers'. Our hosts families are (semi-)professionals with above average experience in puppy upbringing and education. They provide our puppies with the best care and guidance. They get socialised, obedience trained and prepared for the work as therapy or assistance dog. If they proof to be suitable for the job, they get their last check-ups before breeding a litter. Afterwards, they get adopted for life by their host family or they can be placed as a therapy or assistance dog.

Are you highly committed and able to love, educate and train one of our Cobberdog puppies? Is it your dream to own, and work with, a therapy or emotional support dog? Would you be happy to enjoy our guidance in this process and do you live close enough to make it to our training sessions, every two weeks? Would you love to get the most talented puppy of the litter, without the financial side of it's purchase?  Are you OK with the fact that there's a large chance your puppy will be favorited as a breeder one day, for a short period of time? Did you turn this website upside down and inside out? Did you loose your heart to the Cobberdog and do you think we would get along fine?   Then I guess we must meet and help each other out!



Belgian Australian Cobberdog Breeder.

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