The legendary   Spring Hills Solomon

Buster is one of those studs that will put a stamp on the Australian Cobberdog as a breed. Buster is a son of Rutlands Redd Baron, known for his 'true red' colour. His dam, Tegans Sunlit Secrets (owned and loved by Renae Taylor, Australia)   has 'a perfect therapy temperament, with all actions being calm and considered. She is a very loving companion and a great mum'. Buster himself? Well... he's 'just' a   Big Friendly Giant. He adjusts himself to every situation and he loves people. He's docile and very easy going, low energy,... yet he loves to play with his kids and he can be goofy to, like every young dog should. He's social towards other animals and he's a real peacemaker. Buster adores his new owner, Gabriëla, and makes sure she gets her daily dose of TLC (tender love and care), without being pushy. Sounds perfect, doesn't it?  No wonder Buster is loved to bits and his new family, Swiss Mountain Cobberdogs, is properly proud! Buster is related to Belle and Fee, but he'll be part of our breeding program in a later phase. Until that time, we're very happy and pleased to cooperate with Swiss Mountain Cobberdogs, by testing and training Buster and his future offspring, and by selecting therapy prospects for our clients in need. Swiss Mountain Cobberdogs will  breed healthy and sound dogs, with an exquisite character, big medium to standard in size. Want to know more about Swiss Mountain Cobberdogs?



born as Spring Hills Solomon

° 06/07/2016

m. Tegans Sunlit Secrets

f. Rutlands Redd BAron

Red (BBee)

63 cm - 30 kg

IC carrier


The Australian Cobberdog is a breed in development, which makes it extra important to breed selectively.

Not every puppy is equal in quality and not every breeding prospect develops into a perfect breeding bitch or stud.

We pick our future breeders with care and critically test them against our breeding standards.

  Character : 5/5

Buster has that personality that makes the Cobberdog so unique!

Conformation : 4/5

Buster is BIG and heavy boned, but yet agile and sporty. Match him well.

Buster's total score : 18/20

We went all the way to Switzerland to visit Buster! He's an amazing dog...

Read more about our roadtrip.

X factor : 5/5

A heartbreaker!

He looks straight into your soul...

Coat type : 4/5

Buster has a magnificent 'true' Red Wavy Fleece coat, a bit too dense.


Buster has already proven to be a great sire! His offspring inherited his soft and easy going nature and his magnificent colour.  He gives some 'body' to his babies and a very, very nice headshape. Their new owners are all thrilled and very happy with the stable 'therapy temperament' of their puppy.  Busterboy's babies steal everyone's heart!

If you are interested in Buster's stud services, you can contact his owner, Gabriëla Correll-Wick, straight away or you can choose to use the contact form at the right. We can have a look together, if Buster could be a good match for your female. Please already include her pedigree!

  • Buster is available by frozen semen or natural mating.
  • We'd be happy to send you his breeding contract and all other information you need, by e-mail.
  • Buster asks for IC clear females.



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